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Frequency is the Fuel with Ian Morris

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An in depth discussion on the healing power of sound and frequency minded music with Ian Morris, founder of Listening to Smile.  This is Frequency-minded music that is blended with frequencies as it meets a variety of genres.  Ian Morris used the healing powers of sound in his own life to overcome an undistinguishable illness and he uses his music today to assist in moving the energy out of the body.  Enjoy this discussion about the inward journey with Sound Healing with Sound Alchemist Ian Morris!

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Utilizing frequency minded music to assist in your mindfulness practice and self-care
  2. How to quiet the busy mind with frequency
  3. Chakra frequencies and binaural beats – what are they and how they can help from everyday maintenance work to healing for illness and dis-ease