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Upgraded 5D Crystalline Star Bodies with Iona Flores

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2019/10/10 16:00:00

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Remember your soul’s purpose, remember your Star Family, and live your life using your passions and creating your new dream life that can be-come a reality! Iona Flores is a healer who activates your dormant DNA Strands to connect you back online to ancient time so you can reconnect with your inner wisdom and really connect to the higher dimensions, realms, see-ing and feeling your spiritual family guiding you along your path.

It’s time to create your new life, be the author of your magical story unfolding, you have a new can-vas to paint, a new life to live, it’s time to be happy, it’s time to live your passions, it’s time to fulfill your life purpose, it’s time to stand in your light and power of your Higher Self Awareness. You can have anything you believe you deserve. Anything is possible.

The Universe is trying to gift you with so many blessings so get into the flow of your true divinity and let your magnificent light shine so bright for the world to see you and all of you. ” Manifestation time is playtime.”

She performs DNA Star Activations to get you in alignment with your Souls purpose to help with Ascension, health, happiness, vitality, bliss, fun, and play. It’s time for all the Healers and Light workers to come out of hiding and live the life they’ve always dreamed of. It is all possible and now is the perfect time.

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