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2017/06/30 14:44:41

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Season 12:
ET Hybrids & The Evolution of Humanity

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Jacquelin Smith

ET Hybrids & The Evolution of Humanity

Jacquelin Smith claims to be an ET Hybrid of 7 different races in what she calls a “blended soul”. She has always known she was somewhat different and she never felt like she fit in. As a child, she remembers being on the starships which she says she loved very much. Listen to her story about how her mother was taken aboard a starship and given a “cocktail of DNA” in her womb. A fascinating story as Jacquelin reminds us of our Cosmic Citizenry. Enjoy!
Jacquelin Smith

In today’s Quantum Conversation with Jacquelin Smith we will talk about..

Jacquelin shares how she would visit the starships at night, with other children, where she was educated on how to create with energy and how to materialize things with telekinetics. She says humanity has many abilities like this, and everyone has portions of ET frequencies within them. Her message is that in this Ascension process, we are going to discover that we are not as limited as we think we are.

Jacquelin speaks over 80 ET languages and in this episode, she shares on how to move into Love where all things are possible in the Quantum Field. She gives us two activations from Star Beings in Light Language.