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Light Alchemy with Jade-Yin Hom

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2018/11/19 16:00:00

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Every cell in your body has the ability to regenerate itself but this natural process maybe slowed down by stress, impaired by disease or disrupted by environmental toxins.  Light alchemy can help your body to revitalize, repair, rejuvenate and regenerate your cells.

This program goes beyond fixing problems.  Every cell and organ system in your body will be energetically upgraded to perform at its optimal level.  What if you can program every cell in your body to tap into its own regenerative potential? Are you ready to receive this and so much more?

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Jade-Yin Hom (2)

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1.  How science has shown that traumas from 23 generations can still be in your DNA and how Jade energetically removes trauma from both your DNA, mitochondrial DNA and connective tissues.
  2. Every cell and every organ system in the body has its own Divine blueprint or energy signature. Jade can tune into this blueprint to upgrade, heal or optimize the energy of cells, organs and organ systems.
  3. Everyone likes to feel younger and Jade will do an energy process to reverse aging.

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