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Power, Money and Joy with Jade-Yin Hom

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2019/01/15 16:00:00

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Many people struggle with personal power which creates a lack of joy and a lack money.  Sensitive and spiritual people are almost allergic to the topic of power because of the way certain authority figures are abusing power.

It’s time for all sensitive, intuitive and spiritual beings to have personal power, have more money and embody joy.  What if having more spiritual people embodying personal power would allow money to be used for good things?  What if embodying joy would allow us to have more access to the power of our own being?

Is now the time to let go off all hidden loyalties to family and belief systems that have kept us powerless, penniless and depressed?

Jade-Yin Hom’s work will help you break free from limiting beliefs, transform inter-generational issues around lack, powerlessness and depression so that you can enjoy a deep sense of personal power, joy and create financial abundance for yourself.  No more keeping a comfortable distance between yourself and your dream life.  You’ll have the personal power to make new choices, the money to create the freedom and comfort and the joy that makes life sweet and worthwhile.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. How do hidden loyalties to family and belief systems keep you stuck in lack, powerlessness and even create depression?
  2. How to work with the Akashic Records so you can release issues from lifetimes.
  3. Create a new story around Power, Money and Joy so your subconscious mind can start working for you and not against you.