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Calling in the Light with Jane Dance

About This Show

This is a participatory workshop for those seeking illumination of their own spiritual journey. Calling in the Light delves underneath the universal longing for spiritual connection through asking and receiving. The White Light is that sacred space within each of us and the Universe that holds this high frequency energy. Calling in the Light offers an experience of what that is like, individually and collectively, to create that sacred space together.

Questions we are going to ask in this session are: self-examination: Am I living authentically or am I dishonest with myself? Do I have compassion for others or am I self-centered? Do I speak my truth and follow my heart? Or do I live in fear and scarcity as my consciousness?

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Jane Dance

White Light is not something separate from us. And yet, each one of us here has sought out someone to give them answers to their pressing concerns. We all do it, and we do it for each other. But what if you believed in the Source to give you the answers you needed the most? Because you can find themselves within yourself by simply standing in the presence of the White Light.

What is the White Light to me? It is an invisible, living energy that can be felt and experienced. Some people see this energy as angels or ascended masters, colors, moving orbs or simply an all encompassing formless space of unending Light. For others, White Light encompasses all that spirituality represents – ultimate source energy of All That Is. It is all encompassing and all loving. It is a powerful energy associated with purity, clarity, beauty, elegance, shielding and protection. It is mysterious and untouchable. Simply put, it represents the existence of a Sacred Trust between each one of us connecting us with All That Is.

What are the three steps you need to know to Call in the Light for yourself whenever you need some guidance:

  1. Tune into your BS Meter (Belief System)
  2. Feel into the Truth
  3. Take Action

Calling in the Light simplifies how to connect with this living presence and bring it into the inner dwelling of being. Calling in the Light invites us to an intimate relationship with ourselves through its presence in our lives..

About Jane Dance

My name is Jane Dance and I am a Universal Light Medium.
Although I was born with my abilities, my Near Death Experiences have increased my connections to higher Angelic and Universal frequencies.
As a Gateway, I live with one foot in the Angelic Realm and one foot in the Physical Realm simultaneously; I bridge the gap between these frequencies.
I am honoured and grateful for my gifts to help empower humanity.
Join me as we dance with the Angels…

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