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Standing on the Threshold – My Life as a Medium with Jane Dance

About This Show

I am a naturally born psychic medium who went through an unexpected transformational near death experience which deeply changed my perspective on life and evolved my abilities in ways I never imagined.

The shows topic is about standing on the threshold between life and death. It’s about the journey I went through to become a high frequency psychic medium who converses with the Angelic realm and Spirit Guides.

Our teams in spirit alway want the best for us in everything we do. We get so stuck with what is in front of us, we stop realizing there is so much expansion waiting for us. We just need to let go and trust that these beautiful beings of light, who walk with us on our journeys, will guide the way.

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Jane Dance

By using the clients first name and by gaining permission, I receive access to the client’s Angels and Spirit Guides. Thanks to the NDE I have become a gateway between the physical world and the spirit world to deliver messages of healing. I live in both realms simultaneously, so connecting with them is as easy as having a conversation with a friend. For the show, I will be offering one question mini readings.

About Jane Dance

My name is Jane Dance and I am a Universal Light Medium.
Although I was born with my abilities, my Near Death Experiences have increased my connections to higher Angelic and Universal frequencies.
As a Gateway, I live with one foot in the Angelic Realm and one foot in the Physical Realm simultaneously; I bridge the gap between these frequencies.
I am honoured and grateful for my gifts to help empower humanity.
Join me as we dance with the Angels…

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