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Conversations With a Tree & the Mirror Effect with Jane Warren Campbell

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Based on her work with the Freedom Release Technique, Jane will share the power of imagination and how we can change our reality by using our creativity to go into the past, and replace difficult events with more benevolent outcomes. Jane also has a deep understanding of the Mirror Effect and how it can be used to reveal our hidden shadows so that we are able to see what needs to be cleared and released in order to create the life we desire.

Jane also channels the Ancient Ones, bringing through Light Language, and will offer a Light Language transmission to activate the Highest Potential for the listeners and Gaia as 2020 unfolds.

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Jane Warren Campbell

Imagine sitting at the base of a tree and knowing, beyond any doubt, that you were being asked to be her scribe. That experience led Jane Warren Campbell to write the book, Conversations with a Tree. The book is a poetic dance, as Jane’s personal story is interwoven with direct channeled messages from two trees. The trees, with their wisdom, helped her move through a year of significant change and upheaval, as well as taking her into altered states of awareness.

Jane came to learn that the trees see our plight as humans, disconnected from the natural world, from each other, and from ourselves. They want us to know the greatest need of the hour is to return to love and they will help us get there. The wisdom from the trees is so profound that they even talk about quantum physics. Jane will share the overall message that the trees want us to know, and how they are here to support humanity in this time of great transition.

Along with talking to trees, Jane’s intuitive work has led to the development of a healing modality called The Freedom Release Technique. With this work, she is able to intuitively uncover deeply buried core beliefs that affect the frequency of one’s thoughts. She then replaces them with what would have been a more benevolent outcome at the moment in time that the belief was created. This brings about powerful results because the belief is being changed at the core event when it was created. Some describe this as jumping timelines. She has cleared past lives for her clients that have brought about instant improvements in their life experience.