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The Healing Power of Sacred Glyphs with Jean Logan

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2018/12/31 16:00:00

The Healing Power of Sacred Glyphs

In this Quantum Conversation, Dr. Jean Logan explains how she was guided and given instructions by Spirit to empower specific graphics with Healing Powers. These Sacred Glyphs are empowered by angelic beings who assist
in the healing vibrations that come forth from these glyphs. These glyphs work on many levels on the physical body( using glyphs for organs, bone, tissue, brain, heart, circulation, and more); on the Emotional Body,
(removing fears, depression, anxiety). Dr. Logan has used these glyphs in her own life, and considers them a first-aide Tool Kit!

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Jean Logan

This Healing Conversation Explores Dr. Jean Logan’s Sacred Symbols of Light – Healing Glyphs

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Special New Glyph for our Group Focus: A Healing Glyph for World Peace

The purpose of this glyph is to help bring about world peace and harmony through the collective energies of the intention of a group of people. It is given to remind all of theif power as a creator in bringing about the new reality.

Ways to use this glyph:

This glyph can be shared freely and used in a group gathering and hung out where the energy will move out into the world and the universe with the intention of the individual.

Suggested Affirmation:

My intention is to manifest world peace and harmony. I see a world filled with love and peace. (You, as the Creator, write down your thoughts regarding how you see peace and harmony consistent with the highest good.)

Experience the healing power of Sacred Glyphs – Spirit-inspired hand-drawings called glyphs, that have the power to heal your life, remove emotional blockages and remember who you truly are.
Join Dr. Jean Logan, PhD, and author of Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, and learn how to use nearly 100 sacred symbols to heal your life.

This Quantum Conversation reviews Dr. Jean Logan’s latest book on Healing Glyphs.
These glyphs are placed on cutout sheets that you can use on your body and in your life to keep free from viruses and bacteria, as well as removing emotional blocks. Jean shares that she was divinely inspired to create these glyphs for her own healing, and Spirit gave her the instructions to do so. She has not only healed her own life and removed long patterns of fear, but she has helped numerous others and was guided to offer these glyphs in a book.
Explore the power of Sacred Glyphs!

To combat depression and fear in her own life, Dr. Jean Logan began connecting to Source energy to channel a series of glyphs (hand drawn pictures) that she used to not only heal herself but also others on physical and emotional levels.

“All my life I have been troubled with depression and fear. I was sure that removing these disabling energies was an important step on my path. Using myself as a guinea pig, I found that the glyphs easily and effectively began removing more and more of the emotional burdens I had been carrying,” says Jean. “Being very sensitive to energy, I could feel the glyphs working. I could feel the sensation of something being drawn out of the body.” Glyphs work on a quantum level, communicating a language of light- spiritual energy – to your hologram.

“Prayer glyphs are a form of spiritual energy, a language of Light. Each glyph invokes a powerful prayer directed at a specific thing for a specific purpose. It has been proven, many times over, that prayer heals. Much of the information for these glyphs was given to me by Source.”

“These glyphs are energized by Source, and highly evolved spiritual beings, during a sacred ceremony at a sacred site, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The energy from the glyph, together with prayers and intentions of the user, form a strong bond that enhances the body’s ability to resolve inner-conflict, release negative patterns and mend old wounds. Every person is an extension of Source Energy and, therefore, is unlimited. As a part of our Source, there is nothing that, nor anyone who, can prevent us from achieving happiness, health and abundance for ourselves.”

Jean is the author of three books, one being “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” (included with the Online Healing Retreat) which contains glyphs that can: resolve any bacterial or viral illness; remove any heavy metal or other toxic matter from the body; remove fear, resentment, anger, sadness and more from the cellular memory; rapidly heal damaged tissue and bones; repair damaged nerves; remove things blocking your abundance; help remove negative entities; help remove karma and more.