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Lemuria, Dolphins and Higher Levels of Consciousness with Jeanne Russell

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2018/11/27 16:00:00

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Lemuria is held in the cellular memory of anyone who resonates with the name or it’s sound. We all share in bringing back the Love and OneHeart that Lemuria is and advance it into something completely new in this Now! Enjoy this conversation with Jeannie who will take us on a group journey as well!


Have you dimed your light for others? Do you hold back from expressing your thoughts and ideas? Are you trying to fit in so that people will like you? How many times have you known the answer to the question, but you kept quiet. Are you last on your to do list? Is everyone else’s needs more important than yours?

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Jeannie’s personal story of transformation
  2. Three tools to reignite your light
  3. The shift into the 5th dimension and the New Lemurian – a balance of the feminine and masculine. Seeing everyone as sovereign.