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The 5 Movements – Returning to Our PRIME State of Being with Jeilene Tracey

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The Earth Logos and Mantis have offered a new system of movement and sound to enable the rapid release of energetic blocks and density which hinder our alignment to our PRIME State of Being.  These 5 movement, when accompanied by your unique toning, will clear your energy field, raise your vibration, and align you with your full potential as an expression of Source energy.  A return to this original state of alignment with Source energy strengthens the body’s immune system, increases adaptability to change, and calms the nervous system helping us to thrive in the new Earth energies.

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Jeilene Tracey

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, Jeilene will:

  • Introduce you to the Mantis and Earth Logos.
  • Share the urgent messages from the Mantis and Earth Logos which are vital to our continued well-being and survival on Earth.
  • Discuss techniques to enable you to return to your PRIME state of Being daily.
  • Do a live sound transmission to clear your body’s energy systems, remove blocks to feeling/remembering your Prime State of Being, and re-calibrate your DNA.

The PRIME State of Being: (PSB)


Your PRIME State of Being is formed and imprinted at the magical moment of your conception when the two cells come together from your mother and father to create a new mosaic of DNA carrying generations of genetic and epigenetic instructions, your Askashic records, and microbial input from millions of years of existence on Earth – this is YOU.  In this moment  of conception there were many energetic influences present: Source as it streamed through your soul energy and into form through your DNA, Earth and her experience and path of evolution, and the path and evolution of the greater Universe.  Each one of us carries this mulit-verse of information and potential within us, and your DNA serves as the vehicle of expression of all of that infinite potential!


The PRIME State of Being is your home base, and it is represented as a vibratory field of sound, light, and energy that remains with you for your entire life.  Vibrating in unison with your PSB is critical to your well-being because it is how your DNA sings the song of your Higher Self/Oversoul’s intention, and energy – which is synonymous with the vibration of the One Cosmic Being, Source itself.


In today’s world, there are many influences from our environment that can muddle the vibration of your PRIME State of Being making it difficult to feel connected, aligned with Source, and your purpose.  Harmful EMFs, low-nutrient-dense foods laden with pesticides and preservatives, stress, fear, and chronic illness/inflammation/fatigue cause your PSB to feel distant and out of reach. Experiencing this disharmony in your system long term, can cause you to forget how to return to your center, reconnect with your purpose, heal, and find joy again.


The Earth Logos and Mantis have provided Jeilene with 5 movements, practiced simultaneously with sound, to return each of us to our unique PRIME State of Being.  These 5 movements, when practiced regularly, help to restore your energetic balance, connect you to both the Cosmic and Earth energies, and strengthen your resilience and adaptability.  Our environment is changing rapidly and it is important to be adaptable and resilient in order to survive and thrive in this new environment.


The Earth Logos and Mantis are the collective energy of many thousands of beings who focus their intention upon supporting and nurturing Earth on her journey of evolution, experience, and expansion. In our call, Jeilene will share their wisdom, insights, and suggestions for how we can live a more expansive, Earth-connected life and why it is vital for the continued success of humanity on Earth as we enter a new phase of energy and expansion.