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The Physics of Thriving Forward Individually and as a Civilization with Jennifer Hough

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Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to thrive forward in every area of life? There’s a formula found in Physics that shows us exactly how to do that. Don’t worry it doesn’t involved complicated math, it’s really about Applied Physics (the science of flow in every day life). How do we use the smallest particles of consciousness to create the greatest leaps forward with our families, love, projects and work? Jennifer Hough has spent a lifetime developing that operating system so that she can teach it to you. She’ll share the first 3 steps of the integration with these operating principles to start this new decade. Your flow will thank you!

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Jennifer Hough

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations you will discover:

  1. The Physics of Flow
  2. What’s different in the way the operating system for thriving from the last decade to now
  3. What is the metaphysical difference between people who live in survival and people who live in thriving