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Activating the 3 Atomic Spheres, The Unity Code, By Eternal Gold with Jewels Arnes

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Are you ready to Amplify your Ascension, Step into Highest Potential and Open the Doors to NEW Earth Living while reversing signs of Aging?  This is Conscious, High Frequency Skincare Skincare that holds the Blueprint of The Gift! The Gift is a series of Activations Given by the Council of Light as Direct order of the God Particle or First Particle of Existence to Activate the Unity Code.  The 3 Atomic Spheres are awakened within your Code of Origin and brought to the surface of your conscious mind making it easier to access the Frequency of Oneness.  This is a pathway to Living in the 5th Dimension Consciously!  We are creating the NEW Earth Each time we Awaken to how  we Live multi-dimensionally.  These products will activate your Unity Code and Amplify your journey into New Earth Living all while turning back the clock on Aging!

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