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Reprogram Your Cells- Reprogram Your Life! with Jewels Arnes

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Bringing the Alchemy of Monoatomic Gold into the Power of Shungite! The bonding of Divine Elements expands the frequency pattern of Human Evolution!

The Alchemy of The Eternal Gold Shungite Line holds vibrational patterns of eternity or the ability to exist outside the state of consciousness from which the cells were created.

Taking the Most Advanced Skincare Line of the World into the NEXT Evolution
Find out Why You Skin holds the Key to Everything.

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Jewels Arnes

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When adding ORMUS to Shungite it creates an evolutionary Solution that dissolves dissolution of agreements made in cellular consciousness and allows new agreements to hold the space of the cells through frequencies… This is a bonding of molecules then enters a spin state or flow that moves in and out of the 3rd dimension. This allows the cell to be “taught” how to exist outside of the density of form created in the 3D.
When combining ormus, scalar intelligence and shungite to cellular intelligence, the life force pattern expands frequency rings that allow the space between the cells to expand. This intelligence fills this space with specific functions allowing lower frequencies to dissolve or shift to a higher frequency connecting to the consciousness of expansion or evolution.

Shungite diffuses lower frequency thoughts or vibrational agreements in the cells and creates higher frequency realities. This combined with the 5th dimensional elements in Ormus, allows the cells to create from frequency patterns that exist beyond the collective or 3D experience. The Alchemy of The Shungite Line holds vibrational patterns of eternity or the ability to exist outside the state of consciousness from which the cells were created.

Jewels Arnes

About Jewels Arnes

Jewels fully stepped into the co-creation with her Divine when she heard the message, The Divine is the CEO of your life. At that moment, Jewels felt free. She moved through many trials and errors as she found herself developing her company in the New Earth Frequencies. It didn’t take long for Jewels to tap into creating with the Divine in the abstract frequency. In this space Jewels created a platform that is changing what it means to be human. She finds that unity, oneness and uplifting others is the pathway to creating a NEW Earth Reality. As the platform evolves all who choose to be a part of this beautiful collaboration tap into a frequency that is undeniable! Unity in creation, the pathway to a New Earth is truly magical!

Jewels started her walk with spirit at the age of 16 when she had a chance encounter with a woman that saw her gift as a “seer” Through the synergy of connecting with her soul family, she was revealed a method to transform cellular intelligence. With over 27 years in Vibrational Healing and multiple accreditations, Jewels’ developed her Super Power of Tracing energy patterns to find the beliefs or programs that keep us in the cycle of aging and disease. She Created DECU Cellular Readings, OMcodes and NOW EvoStar Technology, to lead us to finding the power of becoming the New Human!

Developing a delivery system for people to receive the elements of Eternal Gold Beauty products and the frequencies of Cellular Reading, Jewels started her journey into creating outside molecular structure. This then evolved into a revolutionary method to not only support cells to age in reverse, but to give people the power to heal themselves. Wanting to bring about ground breaking changes in cellular intelligence, Jewels focuses on creating the NEW Human to those who feel the calling to enhance the human experience. Jewels is dedicated to bringing in the energy sequences needed to raise the frequency of the planet one cell at a Time.