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The Art of Letting Go Q&A with Jim Bruton

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This episode will feature a LIVE Q&A session with Jim focusing on his The Art of Letting Go Training Sessions available as 5 recorded sessions.

The Art of Letting Go – The Practice In Between

To be spiritual, some people think they need to gird their loins for battle and fight the world. In contrast, we don’t plant a garden in the midst of weeds that compete for the same resources – if we did that, we’d never have more than short-lived seedlings. We create a space by preparing the soil, adding fertilizer and water, and then we plant the seeds. Now the plant can grow into a beautiful bush of flowers or shade-providing tree, with little more than our occasional attention and tiny course corrections.

It’s the same in being spiritual. Rather than fighting against the world, we create space, one in which very little effort is needed. In the right spirit-infused environment, the effort is minimal. We leave the world at the door and enter therein. Sitting in meditative contemplation, if thoughts come, they come. If they go, they go. It’s the same with emotions. Imagine standing in a river, just letting the stream and what it carries flow around you. You grasp nothing, for these things are not you. If you create the right meditative space in which to simply breathe, you will become more and more naturally contemplative. It becomes not something you do, but something you are. This is how you pray without ceasing. It is the Art of Letting Go.

And in Letting Go, you draw to yourself what you need.

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Jim Bruton

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore the benefits of Jim’s course:

  • Jumping off the hamster wheel
  • Realizing you have everything you need already to be successful
  • Trusting in your native intelligence to figure things out
  • Emotionally resistant to being swept up by hype or anger
  • Living with less stress
  • Become more present

About Jim Bruton

Jim has always been spiritually inclined. That took a quatum leap after a plane crash in 2016, resulting in a Near-Death Experience. Upon return, Jim focused on Integrating the experience into his life. The Art of Letting Go offers Jim’s perspectives as a tool for integrating your own Spiritually Transformative Experience.

Jim has been in Amazon’s Life to Afterlife 2 and many, many podcasts. Jim also has:

  1. An Emmy for my film production work for National Geographic Television
  2. Lived in Africa among the wildlife off and on for 14 years.
  3. Had my own safari company, Old World Safaris
  4. Invented the Satellite VideoPhone, disrupting how global news could be transmitted with live video from places formerly impossible.
  5. Field produced the titanic expedition for DIscovery.com, winning it Yahoo! Site of the Year.
  6. Retraced the Journey of the Magi through Iran, Syria, Jordan and Israel
  7. Several trips to Mt. Everest: to transmit live video from the summit for the Malaysian team, and as Lecturer for Yale University School of Medicine, testing new bometrics destined for the International Space Station.
  8. NBC News war correspondent: Northern Africa, almost everywhere in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.
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