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Creating Change Made Simple with My Liquid Fish® with Jimmy Mack

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After his near death experience (NDE) Jimmy Mack was shown and asked by Spirit to bring this divinely guided healing technique out into the world. This simple technique, called My Liquid Fish®, allows each of us to create fast and profound energetic changes in people, places, things, pets, and situations. After he was first gifted this technique, he kept it to himself and quietly tested it while working with hundreds of clients over the phone throughout an entire year before speaking about it.

He was unsure of the magnitude of power which he’d been given until the increased results became undeniable and often miraculous. He believed then that there was a true purpose for having been given this gift and that the sheer simplicity of it was what made it so unique and usable for all.

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Jimmy Mack

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. When we can get a clear answer of whether our energetic frequency is vibrating at a yes or a no, we then have a direction to create change.
  2. That the REAL power is not in the intuition or even asking the question, it’s in the ability to actually CHANGE and shift the energy yourself.
  3. We can come to a place, where even physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges can be released and we can return to a place of neutrality