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Total Life Cleanse: Rejuvenation and Healing for Body, Mind and Soul with Jonathan Glass

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Join us for this opportunity to upgrade your approach to healing, personal growth, spiritual development and environmental recovery!

In this Quantum Conversation, we are talking about Total Life Cleanse (TLC) supports a quantum shift in body, mind and soul. With practical instruction, knowledge and timeless wisdom, TLC nurtures an elevated foundation for wellbeing for the rest of your life…one that nourishes all of you…your entire being. The practical and profound wisdom of the East, from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine is truly relevant today and will likely turn out to contribute to our greatest personal, collective and environmental healing!

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Jonathan Glass

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn what’s covered? :

  1. Ayurveda’s ancient and relevant principles of healing
  2. The origins of disease and the obstacles to healing and health
  3. The “purposes” of life and how they apply to our wellbeing today
  4. The five toxic stressors to health
  5. The essentials of healthy detoxification and its relevance today
  6. Harnessing the power of your soul for authentic healing
  7. The Earth healing connection!