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Golden Gods, Goddesses & Dragons – Oh My! with Judy Cali

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Judy Cali is a channel of Inner Earth Beings, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. She joins us with a Message for the Golden Age.

We are calling forth an Amazing Golden Rainbow Divine Love Team to assist you to Download, Activate & Initiate many Sacred Codes of Light to be offered to Expand your Golden Sacred Heart & Mastery & Clear any old Energy & Blocks.

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A Message from Judy

Your Divine Team consists of:
Golden Gods:
Sanat Kumara, God of Planet Earth.
Apollo, God of Light.
Cupid, God of Love.

Golden Goddesses:
Lady Master Venus, Goddess of Planet Earth.
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.

Golden Dragons & Rainbow Dragons:
Guardians of Your Golden Sacred Heart in Radiant Prisms of Rainbow Light.

Archangel Metatron:
Diamond Solar Plasmic Light Codes.
Holy Grail Codes.
Portal of Love Codes.
Unification Codes of 5th Dimension.
Galactic Codes.
Golden Dragon Heart Codes & Golden Keys.

Judy will Channel for this group any messages these Beings want to share & any Surprise Beings who show up.

You will also connect to your personal Golden Rainbow Dragon & receive a Special Gift of Love they have for you.

It is wonderful for us to gather together as an Ascended Master & Kindred Heart Family on a Special Day of Love, Valentines Day.

We will Giggle, Share & Radiate our Heart Light with each other & Judy will be taking Calls.


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