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The Golden Seed of Creation with Judy Cali

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2018/10/26 16:00:00

The Golden Seed of Creation

The Golden Seed of Creation & Integrating Ascended Master Self.  Judy Cali joins us to share exciting new intel on the energetics of releasing our deepest core wounds.  She reports this shift and change within herself, and offers that we are on the cusp of this great shift ourselves.  What do we do to prepare? How do we recognize it’s happening? Join us on this  episode with Judy and get ready to step into your next phase of existence as One Heart, One Mind.

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Judy Cali is an extraordinary channel who has just integrated her Ascended Master Self as Anna, Mother Mary’s Mother & her AM Presence is now integrated in her as well.
She also released my deepest core fear & heard a pop sound inside as it was released.
It was a painful process & yet filled her with an inner calm of allowing.
She shares with all of us the Golden Seed of Creation Activation which contributed to these integrations & Core Fear Release.

A Message from Judy

Dear Spiritual Family,
WOW 🌟 What an amazing time to be alive & to experience The New Children, Animals & Plant Life, who are already in Golden Divine Consciousness, as they lead us into The 7th Golden Crystalline Age of Wisdom & Peace.

I was guided to activate my Golden Seed of Creation Self last Fall.
Then the last two weeks my Ascended Master Self & my I AM Presence Integrated into my body fully & I also released my deepest Core Pain & Fear.

This said to me that those of us who are the 10% of the Population here to Lead The Way, are now ready for this experience as we expand more fully into our next step of Remembering Who We Are.

So I will discuss about Golden Divine Consciousness, along with what I personally experienced as I went thru this process.

I will also offer to the Callers, an opportunity to activate your Golden Seed of Creation, to prepare you in Divine Timing, for your own Integration that is in alignment with your I AM Presence & thru your Sacred Heart.

This will be a Powerful Call & as always I will Channel any Surprise Beings who have Divine Messages for this group.
Come & join with your Spiritual Family as Giggling, Wonder & Delight will lead the way thru this call.


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