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The Secret of the Bosnian Pyramids — Our Multi-Galactic Heritage with Judy Satori

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In May this year, Judy Satori was invited to speak at a conference held at the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia. In 2005 what was thought to be a large pyramidal shaped hill was discovered by Bosnian archeologist
Dr. Semir Osmanigich to be a man-made pyramid. It had been covered over with thousands of years of soil, debris and afforestation and appeared as a creation of nature.
However, concrete casing blocks sheathing the hill were subsequently discovered to be man-made.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversaton with Judy Satori

Hear Judy’s story about her time spent at the Bosnian Pyramids and the underground tunnels of Ravne, located at Visoko.
Maybe the Bosnian pyramids hold a special secret of ancient knowledge and information for us to find?
Enjoy Judy’s story and multi-galactic energy transmissions to open you to your multi-galactic heritage and shift you into greater self-love.