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Spiritual Gifts from the Sacred White Animals with Julie Umpleby

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2018/06/26 16:00:00

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Recent decades have seen an exponential increase in the numbers of special white animals appearing across many species. You may be familiar with the most widely known of these, especially the legendary White Buffalo and White Lion. In many indigenous cultures, the reappearance of these prophesied white animals heralds a time of great blessing and warning for humanity.

These animals are sacred embodiments of higher or diamond consciousness and as such, they come with great wisdom and sacred teachings to share. They are great light-bearers, evolved manifestations of the animal kingdoms and there is much we can learn from them if we pause to listen. From lions, to whales, pythons, koalas, dolphins, ravens, deer and many more, each new white animal appearance brings us a unique new lens into the aspects of evolved consciousness.

As a pioneer in the anchoring of diamond light upon our planet, Julie began hearing the calls of the Sacred White Animals almost a decade ago. Join us for this fascinating show as we explore some of these unusual manifestations and the implications for humanity.

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