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Powerful Pyramids with the Crystal Matrix
with Karen LaGrange

About This Show

Meet The Crystal Matrix – Karen LaGrange who is an intuitive empath and Spiritual Medium.  Coming from a lineage of powerful healing women, she learned to use her gifts to release the destructive energies destined to hold her back.

Karen utilizes her gifts to help people release the emotional baggage and negative energy that inhibits them from reaching their full potential and living their best lives. To facilitate in the process of connecting with the universe’s abundant gifts, Karen created powerful pyramids to help people get in touch with their inner power. By tuning into one’s energy and lead by Spirit, she utilizes elements with the highest vibrational frequencies such as copper, crystals, energetic symbols, diamonds, etc to customize each pyramid and dragon! They are two of the many modalities Karen uses to bring healing by fine-tuning an individual’s vibrational energy and changing it in their environment.

Karen creates Pyramids and Crystal Plates, to raise your vibration and bring in to existence what you want. Clears negative energy and provides protection.

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