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Grandmother Speaks…Messages from the Ascended Heart of The Universal Oversoul with KA’ryna SH’ha

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What is the “Mother” of all questions aching for answers in your heart?
Listen and be still….be present with the radiant core of your essential nature as KA’ryna SH’ha shares the transformative presence of the Universal Oversoul, through Sacred Sound, Metamorphic Messages, and Harmonic Healing Transmissions.
GrandMother Speaks…

Now is the time to share the gifts of your inherent nature through the Grace of the Heart, by being the gift that radiates wordless and unspoken Presence. Gaze into the conditions caused by all manner of suffering and see the original cause…witness with eyes filled in the radiant openness of the Child of All Souls. Feel the purified innocent seed that emancipated and imagined all existence.

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Will you allow yourself to be filled and uplifted by the wondrous light that is at the core of your inner truth? … Are you ready to ignite your natural state of of wonder and awe and be nurtured by a field of sustenance that feeds the heart of your awakened wisdom.
Ready to voice your ecstatic awareness and unite with the calling of your inner treasury of Divine Love?

The ancient well of the feminine waters of wisdom rises up and calls forth the depths of our embodied light…The tide of profound Luminous Leadership is rising, As Women and Men everywhere awaken to the Light of their own True Nature.

As we grow and mature, we begin to appreciate more deeply our true essence and power.
By acknowledging the gift of who we truly are, we consecrate ourselves with the Living Breathing Essence of Love.
Once again we are offered the opportunity to return to our Sovereign, Noble and Divine origins… to be Enlightened Luminaries of Ascendant Living.”

KA’ryna and Grandmother’s Message to you… It is Simple but not always easy, sometimes you just need a gentle and steady hand to guide you home.

“Accept the Invitation of Life”…Be embraced and held in the Power of Love and “Receive” the Glorious Light of Truth!

“Acknowledge the Promise of Love”… Be aligned within the radiant core of Truth and “Restore” the Power of your Inner illumined Wealth!

“Actualize the Gift of Grace”… Be stilled by the Power in Presence and “Rise”, into the Living Wisdom of Immaculate Awareness of Your True Nature. You already are everything you long and search for.

GrandMother’s Message to Humanity…
“Centered in deep calming awareness through each moment of life…
We walk through the vapor of innocence, the mist of transfiguration,
Arriving on the other side of belief, to the space of awakened beauty….
The shimmering glow of the hidden dimensions arises in our living breath,
Welcoming us into the home of our ever-bearing fruitful nature of intact wisdom.”
-GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah