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Portals, Soul Bridging & Multi-Dimensional Embodiment with Kate Alexandra

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In 2019 Quantum Channel Kate Alexandra was contacted by a Higher Consciousness that communicated with her that she was to birth the continuation of Dolores’s Cannon’s QHHT for the next stage of humanity’s evolution. This is beyond healing and beyond stories.

On one rainy day in Costa Rica the wifi went out for the entire day, clearing Kate’s calendar as an influx of energy surged through her crown, she received the channelled formula. She combined this with her previous insights of portal work, and birthed the technique entitled Quantum Bridging by Holographic Design or QBHD for short.

The journey of this birthing process has been nothing other than pure Quantum, one of miracles and magic!

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Kate Alexandra

Kate’s passion is to assist other Lightworkers and Missionaries in aligning to and embodying their true Soul purpose here in this unifying lifetime. This has been culminating over the past couple of years as Kate observed what she brought and activated within her clients, as an Activation Portal herself she opens the portal for Higher Consciousness to journey through. QBHD is about embodying our gifts in the Trivian Age of Aquarius, which is being anchored in now. This is far beyond personal healing, for those who have been committed to their spiritual service : it is about Divine Embodiment and Synarchy, which is the next stage of the Human Spiritual evolution.

About Kate Alexandra

Primarily Kate’s purpose is a channel and oracle of higher-dimensional consciousness and an Activation Portal, a Gatekeeper to what some perceive as miracles, but what she perceives as the base-frequency of this Universe.

Kate’s current work is to channel higher dimensional techniques based on healing and embodiment, assisting others to connect to their Soul aspects and multi-dimensional gifts beyond this human avatar and integrate it into the Now in a grounded and expansive way to assist the ascension of both the individual and Collective.

“My own journey of cosmic and quantum remembering began with contact from the unity collective of Lyra, both past present and future. I had a number of multi-dimensional contact experiences where I came to meet with the exquisite multi-dimensional beings and aspects of myself, who communicated telepathically showing me aspects of myself, my mission and the state of planet Earth across multiple timelines. My channelling, multi-dimensional remembering and miracles opened up from there.

Most of my clients tend to be within or interested in the realm of the Healing Arts and/or Channelling, whether they are currently on that path or not, and I work along side them to gain more clarity on their unique and inspirational missions, and the steps to embodying their Divine Gifts.

Having kept a lot of my own personal journey private, and allowing it to integrate over the years necessary for my human self to expand and initiate herself into a divine vessel of grounded way-showing, I now put out my homing signal call, for the necessary Lightworkers and Soul groups to locate. I speak as a homing beacon for the 144000, for those who have been committed to their trauma healing, it is now time to go beyond healing and move into the beautiful Divine Embodiment stage of humanities evolution.”

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