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Portals, Soul Bridging & Multi-Dimensional Embodiment with Kate Alexandra

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In 2019 Quantum Channel Kate Alexandra was contacted by a Higher Consciousness that communicated with her that she was to birth the continuation of Dolores’s Cannon’s QHHT for the next stage of humanity’s evolution. This is beyond healing and beyond stories.

On one rainy day in Costa Rica the wifi went out for the entire day, clearing Kate’s calendar as an influx of energy surged through her crown, she received the channelled formula. She combined this with her previous insights of portal work, and birthed the technique entitled Quantum Bridging by Holographic Design or QBHD for short.

The journey of this birthing process has been nothing other than pure Quantum, one of miracles and magic!

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Kate Alexandra

Kate’s passion is to assist other Lightworkers and Missionaries in aligning to and embodying their true Soul purpose here in this unifying lifetime. This has been culminating over the past couple of years as Kate observed what she brought and activated within her clients, as an Activation Portal herself she opens the portal for Higher Consciousness to journey through. QBHD is about embodying our gifts in the Trivian Age of Aquarius, which is being anchored in now. This is far beyond personal healing, for those who have been committed to their spiritual service : it is about Divine Embodiment and Synarchy, which is the next stage of the Human Spiritual evolution.

About Kate Alexandra

Kate’s Service & Wisdom Sharing is fundamentally based upon her perspective of the innate communion with Cosmos of micro-macro. Anchoring Future Consciousness has been a theme profoundly woven through the multitude of inter-dimensional and extra-sensory experiences Kate has had throughout her life.

Having experienced premonitions, out-of-body experience & communion with many beautiful expressions of Higher Light Consciousness most of her life, she was prepped to both hold and share the Diamond Heart Teachings.

Working for the past 4 years as a regression facilitator and creator of Quantum Bridging Regression technique, Kate’s purpose is very much rooted in bridging mind & spirit, expanding our consciousness to create new reality.

Kate now hosts in-person Feminine Empowerment retreats in her homeland of Costa Rica where she dives deep into the 8 Pillars of Venus and the Diamond Heart Teachings, helping women to shift their reality & cultivate a deeper connection with their unique Soul Essence & Purpose.

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