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From Sensitive to SuperPowered with Kate O’Leary

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2018/05/29 16:00:00

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Being a highly sensitive soul can, at times, feel like an incredible burden. The sensitive soul can experience the world as busy, loud, and overwhelming. This can lead to anxiety and depression. Yet, the sensitive soul has an incredible gift to offer this world once sensitivities are embraced and the empathic and psychic skills are honed.   Being sensitive does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.  Being sensitive means that your sensory system is actually more dynamic and advanced than the average person.  In this interview you will learn what it means to be sensitive, psychic, and empathic.  You will gain confidence in yourself and clarity about your life’s purpose.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Learn what means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and gain clarity on your life purpose.
  2. Learn how to transform your sensitivities into superpowers.
  3. Experience a clearing using earth energy to release density and raise your vibration.