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Ancient Technology – Copper Healing Tools with Larry Campbell

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Larry Campbell receives and channels messages from Ancient beings, the Arcturians, Plaedians, Ascended Masters and other Sacred Spiritual Beings; guiding you into a deeper understanding within your journey of healing “self”. Working with the energy and messages he receives, he is able to activate and clear scalar energies within the blueprint of your mind body systems. Larry has channeled Sacred Geometry shapes used for healing, grounding, connecting, ascension and clearing. Learn how these energies impact you on a daily basis, and how using the gifts and tools that Larry will share on this program, you can connect to your “self” on a deeper level, and create peace within your Mind/Body systems.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Aura Cleaning
  2. Body Scanning for blockages in the body
  3. Sacred Geometric Tool Usage and Techniques