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New Frontiers in Sound Healing with Plant Music with Lauren Galey

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We know in our metaphysical teachings and experiences of life that Music lifts us up and Plants (and nature) lifts us up. Together – the music of the plants is a healing modality to clear out dense energy and vibrate higher.

Enjoy this Plant Music Sound Healing Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey, who shares on her work with plant music over the past 8 years.  Listen to the music of the plants, including flowering orchids, blooming Christmas Cactus, Elephant Leaf and even the Dolphins.  Learn about a new Aromatic Sound Healing tool.

The consciousness of each plant is expressed in musical songs that elevate our spirit and align us with the Higher Self.   The energetic frequency of plants is captured by using a MIDI synthesizer which creates musical notes revealing the music of the plant.  The result is high frequency music unique that sings to the heart and attunes to the Soul, or Higher Self.

Plant Music Remedy attunes us to higher vibrations and the Divine Voice inside

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Stevie Wonder’s The Secret Life of Plants – Lyrics video
This Song reveals the Oneness that we are.

Enjoy this Sonic Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey & Kayse Williams

Lauren also interviews Kayse Williams, a pure Essential Oil alchemist whose blends for clearing dense energetics have now been turned into musical expressions. When used in combination with the oils, the clearing effect happens very quickly.  Lauren and Kayse met while swimming with the dolphins on the Big Island, and the essential oil that was created from this experience and infused with the dolphin and whale energy, was the first oil to “sing”.  This amazing discovery led to the development of this new healing tool of that connects us to a higher state of consciousness.

Plant Frequencies expert Deanna Gabriel Vierck says when we experience human struggles and challenges, “those events begin to put earmuffs over our spiritual ears – layer upon layer of them. And at some point, we encounter moments where we stop being able to hear that Divine Voice inside of ourselves; that unique voice that is you – your unique expression.

“When that voice becomes quiet,  also all the vibrations from Light Beings, angelic realms, and all   ascended realms have a difficult time penetrating through all the layers. Plants really understand how to address one layer at a time. And as they start to clear away the debris from our human struggle.”


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