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Transcending Fear & Connecting to the 5D Earth Grid with Lauren Galey

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This special episode is a broadcast of Light to empower and inspire. In the face of the current coranavirus pandemic, we are being given an opportunity to transcend fear. To do this, we go within to identify and embrace the past life or ancestral bloodlines that trigger fear within us.
Remember, you are the New Earth Leader. You are a Master.  And as such, you are creating New Timelines by choosing Love in the face of everything. We are currently experiencing a collective, global clearing of fear  As an empath, you are feeling everyone’s fear too, and so, how do we transcend the fear and be immaculate with our vibration?
We center. We Trust. We tap into Higher Self Guidance. We Clear the Fear. Anchor to the 5D Grid.

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 Plant Music Transcendence Experience

This episode contains guided meditations with the Plant Music of a Dracaena plant, which symbolizes the Female Dragon. Allow these healing frequencies to fortify you and carry you on a journey into your Sacred Heart’s Akashic records,  to heal the fear triggers of other lifetimes, and those embedded in your ancestral lineage in your DNA.  Then, we’ll build our platform on the 5D Grid – building a Bridge of Love to observe the shifts of others, while maintaining your vibration of love & compassion.


We’ll also hear from Gene Ang & Jennifer Hough who offer practical advice on how to use spiritual technology during these shifting times.

Gene offers the Arcturian Frequency Immune Boost frequency & a few tips(SEE GENE’s SPECIAL OFFER), and Jennifer shares on the New Operating System for Humanity. 

Join Jennifer Hough’s  Mastery Empowerment Course – Sunday March 15 – Livestream Video. 


Plus –  we hear a message from The Tibetan Master Djwal Khul offers us a message thru channel SanRa.

This is a special episode for all Quantum Conversations listeners. You are a New Earth Leader.  This episode is dedicated to You.


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