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Conversations with Love to Inspire Joyful Action with Lee Collver-Richards

About This Show

Lee invites you to create your life as an ongoing conscious Conversation with Love.  Deepening your inner dialogue into a kinder, more loving and positive one.

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Lee Collver-Richards

My Gran once told me when I complained to her as a 7-year-old in a 5th grade classroom that teachers kept telling me to stop daydreaming and start living up to my potential:  “If you can’t have a conversation with yourself, who can you talk to?” But it wasn’t until the summer of 2020 I truly recognized I had in fact been shunning that voice, that conversation with myself as love, through love, for love’s sake. And that’s when I started developing the show “Conversations with Love to Inspire Joyful Action”.  To put into action the mastery and creative genius that is freed to guide us on life’s journey when we get off autopilot and into conscious creation. When we take the brave step and say to our “cowardly inner critic,” Enough!!!  Stop that train of thought and get on with living!! You’ve had the power all along.  Claim it!!!

Now, I am devoted to continuously transforming, up leveling, and empowering how I talk to myself, how I relate and engage Others, Life, and The Great Beyond.  So that my own, my family, my heritage, my culture, even my cellular unconscious programs, beliefs, systems, and structures no longer control my life in nefarious, nebulous, or harmful ways.  Rather, my heart, the seat of the soul, is the conscious driver in joyful creation.  Like Kaia Ra wrote in The Sophia Code® “You are a living master walking upon the Earth: in this lifetime, you will remember who you really are by consciously activating your divine genome through the power of your sovereign free will.” (Page 20)

About Lee Collver-Richards

Lee is a versatile, engaging actor, author, Theta Healer®, Sophia Circle® facilitator, and teacher with a creative spirit and exuberance in all manner of collaborative artistry and scientific discovery.

She lives on California’s Central Coast with her partner of nearly 40 years. She is a proponent of adopting a beginner’s mindset toward all endeavors and conscious creations. She is committed to humanity’s stewardship development of continual wonder and gratitude for our greatest teacher, the Natural World, Sophia Gaia, Mother Earth, and her innumerable Elements.

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