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Enjoy this Episode of Our Lemurian Heart Temple Meditation

The Lemurian Heart Temple Meditations with Shirley Ponto, Michelle Anderson and Lauren Galey

Enjoy this episode in

2022/08/08 14:00:00

The Lemurian Heart Temple Meditations with Shirley Ponto, Michelle Anderson and Lauren Galey

Please Join Us in the Lemurian Heart Temple!   

Experience a guided meditative journey into the OneHeart and OneLove that Lemuria once was and still is in our hearts. Soul Singer Shirley Irene Ponto leads us on journeys that take us into our multidimensional Selves where we meet with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spirit Guides. This is a special presentation of these on-going, bi-monthly meditations in our heart-centered group.


These group meditative journeys happen on most 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. 

Join our LIVE Zoom Audience at

1pm PT/ 2pm MT / 3pm CT/ 4pm ET / 8pm GMT


4pm PT / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET / 11pm GMT


Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation Bundle #1

with 9 Meditation Sessions in MP3 Download

View the Tracks

  1. Dolphin Heart Meditation
  2. Violet Flame Planetary Healing Meditation
  3. The Inner Smile
  4. Divine Temple: Realize Your Divine Plan
  5. Angelic Higher Self Activation
  6. Illumination Temple of Telos
  7. Gemini New Moon Meditation
  8. The Divine Emerald Ray
  9. Himalayan Cave Meditation/ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Guided Meditation Bundle #2

with 11 Meditation Sessions in MP3 Download

View the Tracks

  1. Golden Dolphin Temple of Empowerment
  2. Mary Magdalene & Kathumi
  3. Mary Magdalene & The Sacred Chakra
  4. Meditation for Self Love and Empowerment
  5. Merging with Christ Consciousness
  6. Shangrala and The Himalayan Crystal Cave of Healing
  7. Temple of ONEness in Telos
  8. The Golden Water Activation
  9. Divine Temple of Love
  10. Divine Temple of Wisdom
  11. Dolphin & Whale Meditation

Music of the Orchid of Lemuria

Listen to music sample (click the play button below)

Experience a 2.5 hour high-frequency musical infusion of the Music of the Orchid of Lemuria. This music was created by the energy signature of a flowering orchid plant that was translated into MIDI Instruments and musical notes. This is the actual music of the orchid, which is a reminder of the Love, Beauty and Grace of Lemuria. Enjoy this musical frequency infusion of the orchids. Great for meditation, background music while working/playing and getting creative! The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Music of the Orchid of Lemuria by Lauren Galey 2.5 hours

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