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The Solfeggio Frequencies and Chakra Balancing: Supplementing Traditional Physical Therapies with Leonard Horowitz

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Certain frequencies of sound and light are increasingly acknowledged as fundamental to the art, science, and clinical practices used in natural medicine. In 1998, Dr. Horowitz published what had remained hidden for centuries–the original Solfeggio musical scale. Since then, sound healing, toning, and music therapy experts internationally have followed his teachings and pioneering discovers, producing therapeutic products and services to benefit humanity. To date, tens of millions of people globally have benefited by Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s CDs, DVDs and award-winning films.

In this program, Dr. Horowitz will introduce you to his latest research into nature’s most beneficial “good vibrations,” including the Solfegio’s 528Hz “Heart Chakra” frequency resonating “LOVE–the Universal Healer;” and its harmonic, 432Hz, also fundamental to “intelligent design.”

By registering for this program, you will be given a special workshop chart that Dr. Horowitz will use to guide you through his recommendations for using these frequencies and others in treating whole people for a variety of health challenges.

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