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Light Body Activation with Adrienn Light

About This Show

Adrienn Light will discuss what is is like for her in this Earth Life as a Light Body & share her walk-in experience.

“The purpose of my incarnation is the service of ascension. I hold the space for higher frequencial consciousness to express itself in different realms. In 2016 my 3-dimensional body was changed to a Light Body, and at the beginning of 2018, I committed myself to help others as a channel in their rebirth.” – Adrienn Light

During This Quantum Conversation, Adrienn Will Share: 

  • Difference between 3 dimensional and Light Body
  • How You experience life with a Light Body
  • Her story of transformation
  • Walk In experience
  • Breatharianism
  • Abundance, Wholeness, Completeness

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Adrienn Light

About Adrienn Light

Light body Experience* Pranic living* Chaneller* Starseed kids specialist*
Certificated Naturopath* Practitioner of German New Medicine

I have two different memories in one lifetime here on the Planet Earth. One is my life with the 3 dimensional vessel and the spirit who was connected that body…. The other is when I manifest myself here on this realm through a Light Body, holding a space to different spirits from other consciousness.

The break happened in 2016 when I experienced a life changing transformation, where my 3 D body spontaniously was changed to a Light Body. At that moment my spirit who was connected to that body liberated and other spirit from a higher consciousness connected to this new body. Then I needed two years to settled down this new energy space. In 2018 I received the message to share, give talks, lectures on the topics that I am channeling and be a facilitator of light body activations in other persons as well. This is how the 7-day process was born, “Light Body Activation Process”, where I hold the space and frequency to activate the light body in the participants, meanwhile they are in a kind of galactic school also as I share all the information what comes through me.

Apart from that service, I am a medium, an energetic healer, a bridge between the Source and other Dimensions.

I live with my husband and my dear daughters and in my daily life I am a mother of a family.

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