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Connecting to the Light – Angelic Light Energy Healing

with Lisa Kiara Ekrich

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation to experience  Vibrational Light Healing  and  Connecting your soul to the celestial realms where the miracles happen.
In the Divine Feminine Teaching Embodiment, Lisa Kaira reveals that it is possible to heal old wounds and birth a new paradigm through the sovereign Christ light that equally exists within us all. We are all worthy of healing our hearts for the unfolding of miracles, abundance, and prosperity, where we manifest our souls’ purpose.

Lisa Kaira is a conduit and alchemist of spiritual lineages, metaphysical training, and a lifetime of direct revelation that offers a living transmission of angelic and shamanic proportions. Her training includes being initiated into the Light Body School, a Rising Star Healing practitioner for the Angelic Keycode Transmission, Theta Healing practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.

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Lisa Ekrich