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Conscious UP-Shifting with Lisa Transcendence Brown

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2018/10/19 16:00:00

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The beauty of our Multi-Dimensional Existence and Earth is that we are no longer “bound” to the old unconscious realities anymore. Only if each still believes this…. the rest are/have moved on… to all new realities of NEW Earth.

Now, this is not an easy feat at first, because it means becoming totally consciously aware of our selves. Observing our own ego/limits/conditioning/programs and choosing to open our hearts and minds to resolve/dissolve and shift all into a completely alternate/different reality…. one based on LOVE.
How you hold the POWER of all through your own Purity Love Consciousness
How Unity dissolves Separation
How your Ego keeps you bound to Old Earth Realities and Experiences until “collapse” occurs
How the “breaking point” is necessary for the Ego

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Our Earth has awakened to birth all new, is evolving, and is exciting for all fully embracing this. Even those unaware, are going through this, yet just in a different way, their way. They KEY here is not to judge. It’s to open our hearts and SEE, open our hearts beyond the previous mindsets, conditions and limits. The KEY is to realize that those realities are “believed” into reality, supported into reality… through our own fears, lack of power and disconnected state…. where we forgot, went unconscious, fell beneath the Veils of Amnesia… yet this “time” ends.

Waking up into confusion can be a bit chaotic and challenging, yet is a very necessary part of the process of transitioning from Old Earth to New. This transition process occurs in our DNA, where our higher consciousness is activated to emerge from within. Ours is to learn to understand and learn to navigate, maneuver, master and shift all BACK INTO LOVE ourselves. Our entire REALity does depend on it….

NEW EARTH is birthed from within each one of us. It awakens when it’s time for us to wake up. From one illusion into another… all new realities replace the old.

Our consciousness dictates and re-writes our DNA, genetics and entire experience here. WE will discuss how Conscious Up-Shifting is important for each to anchor the higher dimensional (LIGHTer Density) realms, into and through our physical bodies (LightBody) and how we Ascend to Live on NEW Earth NOW.
How the Version or Aspect you are BEing matters
How important it is to constantly UP-Shift now
How your vibrational energy dictates