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Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth: A Quantum Physical REALity with Lisa Transcendence Brown

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2019/01/25 16:00:00

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Join us as we discuss a barrage of multi-dimensional topics to assist with various processes and phases each experience as an organic and natural part of our NOW Photonic DNA Evolution, as well as the transitions from Old Earth to NEW, and from carbon-based to Quantum Photonic Plasma Crystalline Physical LightBodies….. which dictates each’s physical reality here.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

While, NEW Earth is available (and always present) for all, the process of “full” transition from Old Earth to NEW is an immense one…. that occurs over many/all linear years/existences, in vibrational/physical stages and phases, through an evolution of each of our own Consciousness to RETURN to our higher dimensional/ascended/fully conscious states…..

There are many LightBody phases, infinite awakening processes, complete DNA and genetic rewrites…. all a part of our pre-agreed/pre-determined human experience here. Awakening is a DNA/VIBRATIONAL/Energetic process, that occurs within each’s physical body “when” it’s each’s “time” to start to wake up from the illusions once called/believed as “reality”, which can (is supposed to be a confusing) process for awhile. This “confusion” is a transition process…. from linear to non-linear (Quantum). A continual re-writing of each’s programs/codes/Encodements, through the activation and integration of PHOTONIC LIGHT (Each’s Galactic/Soul/Source Consciousness DNA).

This in-depth process, is the “opposite” of our previous human (E-go) linear realities, and because of this, the more “human” (unconscious/fixed/attached/separated/linear), the more intense and extreme the awakening process is for each. Because NEW EARTH isn’t visible/does not fit into linear mindsets/beliefs, the human (ego) aspect “fights” and “resists”, often without a clue that they are doing this…. because the BODY has a consciousness of it’s own….. that has to awaken, re-configure and emerge from within, to bring each’s LIGHTBODY (Living/breathing Quantum/Photonic DNA), gridding systems and NEW EARTH TEMPLATES on-line. In order to accomplish this, the “old” must completely and fully fall away, dissolve, dismantle, dis-integrate, so that all “new” realities can “take their place”.

We are in increasing hyper-acceleration processes of the EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY into a whole new “species” here. This “new” multi-dimensional species is a unification of all of our Benevolent Advanced Races…. incarnate/evolved through the full integration of much higher dimensional states of Unity Love Purity Source Consciousness… all agreeing to fulfill much higher Soul Purposes/Missions/Roles for the sake of an Evolved Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY here. This entire process runs simultaneous to the DNA/GRID/Atmospheric changes occurring within our beLOVEd Gaia and Solar System/Galaxies as well.