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New Zero Point Light Encodements with Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Earth is multidimensional and so are we! Physical Ascension happens when we expand our consciousness. Everything in our reality is an initiation to see what reality we are going to choose. Can we create a reality of high vibrations embracing our Higher Self Aspects ?

In this Quantum Conversation video with Lisa Transcendence Brown, we discuss the immense clearing process of old Earth Matrix programming from our physical bodies and how the current energies are challenging every part of us to open to Higher Consciousness and function from this place.

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Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

  • The New Earth Chakra between our Sacral and Solar Plexus
  • The 5th Dimension is Ascension, but requires you to ReBirth yourself
  • How to Align Your Reality with the Highest Frequencies
  • The Importance of Opening Your Heart and Living in Higher Mind Consciousness
  • New Earth is a Vibrational Existence
  • How to Step into Your Role as a WaySHOWer