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Pure  Love Unity Consciousness & Quantum Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Energy Updates with Lisa Transcendence Brown

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2018/07/31 16:00:00

Pure Love Unity Consciousness & Quantum Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Energy Updates

We are in the most important and powerful vibrational, energetic “time” ever, where Pure Unity Love Consciousness REALities are achievable by each. The beauty of “REALity” is that all is exactly as we allow it and create it to be. Dictated by our DNA, we clear unconscious DNA programs while activating higher consciousness DNA that awakens all new realities for all. Opening Portals and traveling the Initiatory Passageways to walk through those Gateways is how we do all. Now everyone can CHOOSE what realities they DO desire to experience and actually HOLD the vibration, the vision, focus their own energy consciously through expanded consciousness in order for those realities to materialize faster and easier, due to the immensity of electromagnetics in our inner and outer atmospheres for the Unified Field to “return” a vibrational response in the most “magical” and beautiful ways! This is where all choose and where “real”ity responds to each’s own kindness, generosity, caring, willingness, openness, respect, integrity, honor and inner harmony transmitted out through LOVE! 

♥ Join us as we discuss and provide important tips, information and tools for you to Master your own physical reality easier too! Living from your CORE Divine Essence through your Presence is how you touch all others as Light more! Every moment matters, because it’s where we each CREATE and activate all that occurs in our physical here! Fine-Tuning your consciousness is Key (KeyCode).♥

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NEW Earth is REALities that you CREATE from inside of you, through your own Connected Consciousness, that you BIRTH and bring into this world, that you nurture, grow, shape and release to be free to touch the lives of all others as LOVE. It’s your every-moment EXPERIENCE that you bring into highest alignment, through your own presence, your own vibration, your own transmission, your own observations, realizations and your own UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS that you hold and SHARE with all that you come into contact with too. It’s your Quantum Energy transmitting across all SPACE-TIME for you, through the Light Encodements that you’ve activated and emanate out from your ENTIRE BEING, to activate all higher dimensional realities to start to come forth to materialize in your physical reality here.

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Physical REALities are a combination of all things ENERGY. This is an alchemical process. Physical matter takes form as a vibrational response, and as a result, of our own consciousness / unconsciousness. This course is focused on simplified understandings on how to access these natural gifts and further becoming a pure alchemist again. Quantum is how we catapult, collapse timelines intentionally and continually creating all new realities in alignment with our highest soul’s purposes here.

As humans we look at the outside world and can’t believe that WE CREATED THAT. Well WE did, everyone of us, and the “answers” are held within our cellular memory and human and higher consciousness DNA. As WE realize (real-eyes) this, we take our power back, we see what is ours, what is others, what is collective, what is true, what is not true, we start to see in illusions, holograms, feeling the vibrations of discord (unconscious programs) and when there is much to be cleared on a cellular level, it can become overwhelming, which is a sign to show us where we need to place our attention. When our physical reality is out of alignment, then there’s something inside of us that needs attention, some where we need to re-focus, shift and tune to a higher vibrational reality/plane of existence to transcend and resolve all back into love from within.

Love is not what we thought it was. It’s the opposite and requires an entire mentality shift. Realities are energetic first, vibrational first, represent mindsets, beliefs, limited or expanded, love or lack, empowered from within or dis-empowered due to an old cellular memory program.

Come explore with us, ask questions, get answers for how to see and understand, how to shift perceptions, how to recognize and shape physical matter into a whole new reality from within.