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Healing Money Trauma for more abundance with Lisha Antiqua

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2019/04/15 16:00:00

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Over the past 20 years, it has been Lisha’s mission to end the cycle of abuse and one of the ways abuse and trauma affect her clients most is in their pocketbook. This show we will focus on how to heal money trauma and receive more abundance in your life. More often than not, a trauma causes financial trauma through the expense, loss of work or victim mentality. Overcoming, these money traumas will help you to align with more prosperity.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Learn what means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and gain clarity on your life purpose.
  2. Learn how to transform your sensitivities into superpowers.
  3. Experience a clearing using earth energy to release density and raise your vibration.