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QCTV: The Crystalline Kingdom, Star Family Races, DNA, Freedom & Liberation from the 3D Paradigm, Claiming Your GOD~HOOD with Lori Spagna

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Join today’s QCTV episode – the livestream video version of Quantum Conversations!

We’ll meet Lori Spagna, a DNA activator and Animal communicator, who offers in-depth knowledge on Sacred Key Codes and Star Marking Codes in DNA and their role in our evolution on Earth.  She also shares on how the Crystalline Kingdom communicates with and heals us, and how we can activate our DNA with them and the Earth’s Grids.

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During this extremely progressive and advanced call, we will address:

  • The Crystalline Realm and The Crystalline Kingdom, Including Their Role as Healers, Teachers, Record Keepers, Grid Workers and DNA Activators
  • The Role of YOUR DNA in Your Ascension Process (including your family lineage and your animal companions too)
  • Sacred Key Codes and Star Code Markings in Your DNA
  • The 12 – 144 Strands of DNA and How They Relate to Ascending Human and Animal as well as The Evolutionary Process on Earth ~ Gaia
  • Freedom and liberation from the 3rd Dimensional Paradigm and Into the 5th Dimensional Paradigm, including freedom and liberation from:
    • The Time Trap
    • Mind Control and Brainwashing Tactics of the old 3D Paradigm
    • Your Own Blocks to Living Your Highest and Best Trajectory
  • Connecting with your Galactic Star Family and The Star Family Races
  • The Future of Humanity and The Intergalactic Nations
  • The Unified Field & The Current Ascension Cycle as It Relates to Humanity’s Current Timeline & Trajectory
Lori Spagna

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