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Unlock Your Soul’s Ancient Wealth Code with Lynne Brodie

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2018/06/05 16:00:00

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation introducing Lynne Brodie who shares high vibrational frequencies that create a portal of Light to open the door of your Soul.  We will be discussing the current common condition of many lightworkers who are clearing the throat chakra, meaning we as starseeds, are ready to Surrender to the Voice of Your Truth which is the key to unlocking your Soul’s Wealth Codes.  This is not about Money, but all Wealth and Abundance in all forms.

Lynne Brodie, Master Healer, Golden Light Creator and Intuitive shares the trinity within your Soul Contract that unlocks your Souls Ancient Wealth Code.
You made and agreed to your soul contract prior to materializing into physical form on Earth. You came through the veil for forgetting when born so you could learn your lessons, discover your gifts, fulfill your purpose and soul contract.

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Lyn Brodie

Even though you’ve worked on yourself and tried many things, there is still something that eludes you from releasing the wealth within.

Wealth is more than financial bounty. It is a state of being.

Learn the trinity that reveals and releases your Souls Ancient Wealth Code.

It all starts with your core wounds imprinted on your soul from your spiritual contract.
You’ll learn about core wounds and the next 2 pieces to solve the mystic puzzle of your heart and soul.