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Three Steps To Healing Happiness and Abundance with Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari +
Energetic Stem Cell Healing without Surgery with Shelley Ackrill

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2019/04/05 16:00:00

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Lyon Zonamyari is well known for his powerful Three Step Healing Program. Shelly Ackrill has 25 years’ experience fulfilling her life mission to assist people by clearing negative energy patterns.

Lyon is a Healing Teacher and Shelley is the Healing Practitioner, providing you with two powerful opportunities.

Lyon has a powerful DIY Tutorial Program for Beginners and Advanced to Heal Yourself /Another Person and Animals or Shelley can provide you with One-on-One Healing.

On this show we discuss Lyon’s powerful Three Step Healing Program, now upgraded with Energetic Stem Cell Healing courtesy of Shelley Ackrill.

Shelley introduces us to the world of stem cells. What are stem cells, how do they work and how can this benefit me?

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Knowledge is the Key to Life.

  • How to: Remove Negative Energy from Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Auric Field.
  • How to: Repair Physical and Emotional Damage, for yourself or another person.
  • How to apply Energetic Stem Cell Healing for yourself or another person.
  • How to: Balance Ones Chakras and Meridians with Positive Emotions.
  • How to: Introduce Positive Attributes Into All Areas of Your Life.
  • How to: Protect yourself or another person for the future.
  • How to: Purify your drinking water and the food you eat.
  • How to: Activate the Laws of Attraction and get results not previously attained.
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