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Miracles with Whale and Dolphin Energy with Mahalia Michael

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Have you wondered what Dolphins and Whales are saying underwater and or above water? Mermaid Mahalia will share with us ‘secrets from the sea’, how whale and dolphin intelligence is here to help humanity heal from the darkness of any past traumas to living in the light. She will also share her journey of recovery from PTSD using the power of sound and LOVE from our Ocean Friends which gave her the ability to create Brain Bliss.

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Mahalia Michael

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, you will:

  • Understand Trauma as a changeable vibration to peace and how your brain will either hold onto the past or let go to higher visions.
  • Learn how to use your own voice to change your past and recreate a new future of possibilities including altering pain to pleasure, poverty to wealth, fears to visualizations of new life.
  • Discover the gifts from the Whales and Dolphins and their relationship to the Lyran High Council of Angels as catalysts for creating heaven on earth.