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Trauma Recovery with Brain Bliss with Mahalia Michael

Bridging your True Self with your Mystical Gifts

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“Trauma Recovery” Bridging your True Self with your Mystical Gifts

Are you connected to the mystical world and yet have had difficulty like I had, bridging your humanity
With the expression of your gifts?

We have all had some form of trauma in our lives yet what do we do with it? Bury it or express it?

Have you ever considered buried ‘trauma’ as THE block to releasing your creative freedom,
your mystical insights and finally bridging your
Inner knowing with your brilliant 3D and beyond human self?

Would you like to turn your traumas into gifts for the you and the world?

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Mahalia Michael

Definition of Trauma on Wiki: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience

Have you experienced a traumatic brain injury or an emotional trauma causing a feeling of loss and confusion as to how to get your life back on track?

Have you had symptoms anything like mine where you are hungry to not only survive but get off the repeat cycle of stress and survival,
to amplify your brains potential, boost your mood, improve your memory, focus and follow through on projects AND THRIVE?

Would you like to finally let go of the past traumas, communicate your wisdom with ease, increase your riches,
feel nurtured in relationships and dance into your dream life?

Our Brain Bliss Light Sound Technology optimizes the electrical current, vivacious voltage in your brain, heart and body to one of a highly tuned musical instrument.

We do this by cleaning away any disturbance waves and or shadow frequency.

The shadow frequency is a stuck vibration from stress or trauma, especially TBI (traumatic brain injury)/Concussion and or shock to the system causing hyper lock.

This stuck vibration is considered a disturbance wave. Brain-Bliss lightsound releases this disturbance wave with low delta tones and adds a wave form of light music counter spiraling in the DNA. This reminds each cell of its perfect original DNA template. This is time reversed transparency and neural acoustic regenesis using the right dosage and amplitude of sound, light, breath, sacred shape, sacred color, sacred math.

We are in the age of transparency and this is why we can offer Brain-Bliss light sound from a distance … using skype, phone or just by ‘being’ in the intentional field in the comfort of your own home.

Brain-Bliss LightSound is applied from a remote distance, through space and time, utilizing natural light frequencies and loving sounds shared by the adoring and ever present Bliss Family.

When I started Brain-Bliss about 10 years ago, it was with the full intent
to assist ANYONE who has or who is suffering from their own unresolved trauma, especially brain injury and who may be feeling stuck on the repeat cycle like I was for so many years. Some say a small bump to the head is no big deal. I say EVERY bump to the head is a HUGE deal and a CALL for COMPASSION and Light Sound OPTIMIZATION.

I can only share from my personal experience of recovering my own brain, body and life from MULTIPLE HEAD BUMPS and symptoms such as chronic fears, phobias, repetitive harmful thoughts such as visions of me hurting myself .. YES .. which many of my clients share they experience this same phenomenon, a vision of self harm, which is NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF AS IT IS A BIOLOGICAL SURVIVAL STRATEGY. The more we speak to it, the more it can let go … and more of my dysfunction … Stuttering, panic attacks including inability to catch a ‘full’ breath, full time need for glasses, poverty, limited thinking, poor verbal skills causing miscommunications, disconnection from friends and family, bursts of rage and then long stints of isolation, chronic heart ache with an impending doom of death by heart attack (in my 30’s), constant failures, starting yet never finishing projects, foggy, lazy, bi-polar, insecure and so much more.

It is hard for me to look back and believe that this was my life not too long ago. My family, friends and even doctors could not understand my deep rooted program of survival and what I was hungry for, nor did I until I met Dr. Swingle.

He set me on the course of neurofeedback, light and sound for my precious brain. His wisdom and passion for brain health opened the door of my living hell, repeat, repeat to a new dawn.

Fast forward to now and here we are, offering the roots of my passion, brain, body and life recovery via light and sound. The big difference is we offer our light and sound via human vocals and frequencies from our star beings, the whales, dolphins, lyrans and our long time lover, the Great Central Sun and we want YOU to not only benefit, we want YOU to be the change, the light and the way. 🙂