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2017/10/23 16:00:00

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Season 14 — Episode 1:
Awakening to Your Ascension

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Mary Cook

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Awakening to Your Ascension

As an awakened spiritual teacher, I am gifted with the ability to transform your consciousness from a duality based limited mind experience into a greater awareness of the Oneness of Divinity and the all expansive interconnectedness to All That Is.

When we awaken to the Infinite Oneness we realize our Divine Purpose and for most of us this realization serves as an impetus to create more harmony, love, happiness and Divine Light in our lives as well as on our dear planet.

By creating Luminous Bodies, we become conduits for the Divine Light which transforms your consciousness, centers you in your Divinity during these chaotic times in the collective and adds to the Light Quotient on the Earth.

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  • How to awaken to a more enlightened reality!
  • Create a happier, more fulfilling life experience for yourself and others.
  • Receive Divine Light Transmissions which transform your bodies into Luminous Bodies that radiate the Divine Light from the Higher Dimensions.