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How to Finally Heal Your Family and Relationship Karma with Matthew John

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You’ve probably already heard that you actually chose your crazy family, but it’s likely you haven’t yet figured out why. Could you really have chosen your abusive father or your mentally ill mother? Could you really have chosen a brother who backstabbed you or a sister who hasn’t spoken to you in a decade?

The reasons why your soul chose your specific family aren’t always clear, however if we take a deeper look at the dynamics of family karma, we can make the connections and figure out why your soul planned out things as it did. Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will clearly explain how the soul plans its incarnations and how family dynamics are planned.

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Matthew John

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  • How karma is accumulated, and the difference between individual karma as opposed to karma between souls
  • How to free yourself from and heal from both types of karma
  • What are Soul Contracts and how to know if yours is ending with a specific person
  • What happens to the karma when a loved one passes over to the other side
  • Why loved ones on the other side often serve as your Spirit Guides
  • The difference between Twin Flames and Karmic Soulmates, and why each of them come into your life
  • …and much more!

Matthew will take live questions from callers if time permits.