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Lemurian Time Capsule – guidance from the Star Mothers for today’s world with Maya Boston

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2020/01/13 15:00:00

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So often we are looking outside of ourselves to find our answers, when all along they have been inside. Yes, we are from the stars and forever connected to the stars, but we have all agreed to take physical form on this planet in order to work the puzzle of our existence here. To find our way home. The map and instruction booklet are within you, encoded into your DNA and in your Akashic Records. There are as many ways of awakening/activating this remembrance as there are inhabitants on this planet, and we’re all choosing to do it in our own time. There was always a potential of humanity choosing the Ascension path and long ago this information was embedded inside of us, so that should we reach this point in our evolution, we would have access to the answers of how to proceed.

The time has arrived when humanity requires this information in order to take the next step. Do you feel/hear the call? How are you coping with the massive influx of energies on the planet? What is the next step? Upshift your life with the next level of your being awakening to who you truly are. You are so much more than you think you are. Shift your reality to the next level, change your life, expand your awareness and claim your Sovereignty. You already have all the necessary information within.

The lesson of 2020 is to show humanity that we are all One, and we can begin to understand this when we move from the mental state of being into our hearts. Completing the full circle where it all began.

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What You Will Learn in this Conversation

  1. The Heart connection, a balancing energy and coping mechanism
  2. How living from the heart can change your reality
  3. The Alchemy of Light and Sound: Light Language Activations and Gong Sound Bath Guided Meditation