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The Accelerated Ascension with Meg Benedicte

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2018/12/28 16:00:00

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Meg Benedicte who shares on:

  • Accelerated Ascension occurring this year
  • Incoming solar flares/solar winds increasing ‘awakening’ consciousness in collective
  • Magnetic fields are weakening/dissolving, causing massive release of locked energy
  • Powerful gamma/plasma/diamond light frequencies are activating multi-dimensional 12 Strand DNA
  • Shuffling timelines are pronounced – Gatekeepers/Gridworkers actively protecting the 5D earth plane

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Meg Benedicte
  • Listeners will be guided thru practical steps in ‘Live’ Quantum Access™ Activations to increase their energy frequencies and build more Soul Presence inside.
  • Meg will show listeners how to neutralize Inner Polarity from living in Duality
  • Meg will use sacred geometry to create Heart – Mind Coherence
  • Meg will walk listeners thru the steps to activate their Soul Stargate, contain their private, sovereign space and establish Inner Core Still Point of balance, calm, peace.
  • Listener’s energy will rise and expand into the quantum state of coherence to connect with Soul Presence/Light/Love