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Sacred Keys to Personal Ascension with Meg Benedicte

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2018/06/12 16:00:00

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Quantum Accesss Founder Meg Benedicte shares on Quantum Consciousness that is transforming us from the inside out.  As we discuss in this episode with Meg, it is critical to understand that ALL HEALING BEGINS WITH VIBRATION. Subtle vibration rules all matter.
Since the extraordinary Solar Eclipse in August, quantum consciousness has been streaming into the physical cellular structure, transforming us from the inside out. The incoming plasma light is activating hidden Soul Codes dormant in the energetic body…igniting a new level of sub-atomic activity not seen before. Multi-dimensional DNA is coming alive!

This may be felt as an explosion of newly awakened levels of energy seeping into the core your being, more Soul embodiment…with a new sense of purpose, passion and inner strength. These Ascension Keys unlock certain frequency bundles in the DNA that open to higher realms of light. With the decomposition of fragmented, corrupted code, the physical self is undergoing a tremendous amount of transformation.

You have the opportunity to transfigure the cellular biosystem to metabolize and live on light. During the conversion, the body will purge lower, denser frequencies and environmental/dietary toxins. It may feel like going through a death, as you shed the prior self so you can embody the divine Self.

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A Note From Meg:

The energies are ramping up as we move towards the powerful Solstice Stargate Activations on June 21st. I love this special cosmic event each year, as we’re immersed in a field of galactic photonic rays pulsing from the Great Central Sun. Imagine the Galactic Center is shining a colossal spotlight on your divine destiny. It is a moment in spacetime that illuminates the world around us! It is revealing, reverent and universal!

Every year the Solstice Stargate initiates new ascension upgrades to your body, heart and mind. With active participation, you have available a moment of immense potential…an opening to vast possibilities. It is a moment of clarity, the evaporation of veils. As you stand in the Crystal Stargate of Source, the spotlight reveals your true essence in a flash of illumination. Imagine you are bathed in crystalline diamond light revealing all that you are! It is a profound homecoming!

Meg Benedicte