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Foods & Self-mastery for Ascension & Soular Activation with Merissa Marcuccella

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How does food affect our spiritual journey? Did you know that chocolate in its purest form can unlock your passion and destiny, opening you up to your true potential?

Who knew that real chocolate is a medicinal quality, shamanic food that opens your heart and mind!

Integrity Cacao is a company founded with your spiritual expansion, internal alchemy, and total health in mind. Founded in August 8th 2012 by a mystic, mother, and health/wellness ambassador, Integrity Cacao is a craft chocolaterie owned and operated by women/mothers in Southern California. We specialize in organic, raw, vegan chocolate formulas that are free from processed ingredients and appeal to the mainstream palate to assist detoxing and soulular expansion. As a multi-dimensional, New Earth conscious corporation, we believe in actualizing the new paradigm of conscious business on every level. Our mission is to revolutionize business, conscious consumerism, and the food industry from the inside out by living/leading as examples. From our fair trade sourcing of ingredients, to our mindful alchemical formulations combined with the body’s chemistry at a cellular level, to the specific manufacturing practices which preserve vital nutrients, our community program Integrity for Women, and the customer experience of joy, pleasure, and activation, we are devoted to the code of integrity.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Cacao is a sacred food to awaken our soul and purpose, given to us by the Mayans
  2. The new earth business model of service to others, showing up, working with cosmic energies & the Mayan calendar to transcend our fears about destiny/sharing

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