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Explode Your Positive Money Karma  with Michelle Manning Kogler

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2018/02/27 16:00:00

Explode Your Positive Money Karma for Expansive Wealth

Demolish Your Hidden Generational and Personal Negative Money Karma Programming so you can Create Explosive, Expansive Wealth!  Learn all about a powerful spiritual technology that you can use to blow out the blocks that are keeping broke and unhappy, and replace them with your Divine Blueprint for instant magnetism and creation codes for your wealth attraction and financial success.”

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What you will learn on this call

  1. The three BIGGEST blocks in your DNA that you’ve inherited from your ancestors that keeps you struggling to make ends meet
  2. How you can use the powerful Quantum Soul Clearing Process to change your money blueprint in just minutes!
  3. How you can create a whole new paradigm of money, joy, and positive beliefs that will support you throughout the rest of your life in every area of your life.